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Apple’s iPhone Series

It has been just ten years that Apple introduced its iconic and world-class smart phone, “iPhone”. Since the launching of the very first iPhone 1, the brand has come with a new one every year and don’t let its users stop asking more. From iPhone 1 to iPhone X, Apple has literally brought a great revolution in the world of smart devices. Today, no matter formal or informal works, Apple’s iPhones are leading the world from the front.

iPhone X is the 18th iteration launched by Apple, and it is proving one of the most successful outcomes by the brand. Having its high demand from every part of the world, the phone has also gained a lot of attention in Singapore. Singapore that is considered a place of mobiles lovers has seen a great demand of iPhone X since its launching.

What’s Special in iPhone X?

Whether Singapore or any other country, there is no doubt that this launch by Apple has really grasped the world’s attention with its remarkably advanced features. Having rounded edges and edge-to-edge display, its all-screen display feature has smartly attracted millions of people across the world. From the security point of view as well, iPhone X offers a smart Face ID facial recognition to unlock the device. Along with the smart security features, iPhone X also has a highly advanced True Depth camera that allows a user capture some of the most amazing moments of their life. Whether Airpower, Qi wireless charging, A11 Bionic chipset, Animoji, or Augmented Reality, all these special features make iPhone X a complete device for smart people.

Common Problems with iPhone X

Like every other phone, iPhone X has also got plenty of common problems, which sometimes hinder in the usage of the mobile and the user has to suffer because of them. Some of the most common problems that most of iPhone X users have faced during recent months are:

Security Issue by Face ID

Whether iPhone X or any other mobile phone, security issues have become a problem in all the brands. In Apple’s iPhone as well, many users are seen complaining about different sorts of security issues. Nowadays, the iPhone X’s facial recognition system is in the headlines for different reasons and Face ID is one of them. A Report from Wired suggested some days back that around 40% of the iPhone X users have complained about different security issues.

How to Get the Issues Resolved?

  • If you are facing a security problem, restart the phone because when an iPhone restarts, plenty of minor glitches are resolved.
  • Is the phone not catching your face correctly? You better hold your iPhone X around 15-20 inches away from your face.
  • Upgrade your phone to the latest iOS version.
  • Reset all settings.
  • If nothing works, go to a professional iPhone repair center.

The Phone Gets Stuck while Updating iCloud

Many iPhone users also complain about different issues, which they come across while updating their iCloud. If you are also having this issue, you can go for a force restart because many times, these sorts of issues are resolved by restarting the phone.

How to go for a force restart? Just press the Volume up button and let go, after it, press the Volume Down button and let it go as well, in the end, finally press the Side button and just hold it. You will be required to keep the hold on the side button until you see the logo of the Apple. Through this way, the phone will reboot.

Can’t Connect to the App Store

IF the App Store is not connecting properly, better check the App Store first. If the App Store icon in your phone isn’t green, there must be a problem with Apple and you should wait for a while and shouldn’t take any action. If the issue is still there, you can follow the following steps:

  • Restart your phone
  • Check the Wifi or Mobile Data because the Apple App store doesn’t work without the internet.
  • If you are on mobile data, better check the limit on it because sometimes downloads are not allowed in the phone on mobile data connections. To do so, you can follow this step: Settings > Mobile Data > Use Mobile Data for > App Store – toggle the service ON.
  • If all this nothing works, better approach a professional iPhone X repair center.

iMessage not working

There is certainly an issue when you get an error “An error occurred during activation” in your phone. When you get a message of a green bubble instead of blue, it happens to be a sign that means that iMessage isn’t working properly. To get this issue resolved, you can follow these following steps:

  • Settings -> Send & Receive > Messages to check iMessage settings.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Try signing out of Apple ID in Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive then sign back in.
  • Keep your iOS device’s system updated.
  • Contact your mobile phone network or carrier.

If the issue remains same, you better contact with a professional repair center in order to get it done in a proper way.

The Cost of iPhone X’s Screen Repair

The cost of repair if the screen of your iPhone X has been broken is very high as stated by Apple. The minimum cost of a screen repair will be 530 SGD. It’s by far the highest screen repair charges of any of the iPhone series charged by Apple.

Why to Prefer a Third-Party Repair Center?

There are pretty good reasons to prefer a third party professional repair center over the service center of Apple. The world has got faster, and people rarely get time from their hectic schedules to go to an Apple service center and stand in a long queue. In this case, approaching a nearby reliable service center and getting your phone repaired in lesser days happens to be the right choice for people of Singapore.

To get your iPhone X repaired fast and at affordable rates in Singapore, just make a call at +6592728865.


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