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What is CaseTrust?

CaseTrust is the accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) that sets the de facto standard for companies who are looking forward to demonstrating their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers. CASE acts as a mediator if you happen to have a dispute with a retailer and are unable to arrive at a settlement.

Casetrust accreditation, company must follow strict procedures, term and conditions and feedback, and vetting by Comsumer’s Association of Singapore, and renew on a yearly basis.

What is Face2Face repair?

Face2Face repair ensures transparent and instant repair services to the customers. This service helps you watch experienced engineers as they repair your phone in shortest time possible. In this way, you don’t have to leave your phone behind and come to pick it up on the next day.

What does RepairAdvise offer?

RepairAdvise offer electronic devices repair advise, latest information related to best phone repair solutions, and other exciting news about phones and other devices. We specialize in a range of electronic devices, including Samsung phones, iPhone repair, Motorola phones, Blackberry phones, iPad repair, iPod repair, Nokia mobiles, Sony mobiles, Dell mobiles, and LG phones repair and much more.

What should I do if my phone doesn’t charge?

There might be two reasons if your phone doesn’t charge, either it is port issue or a battery problem. If the port is loose or dirty, you will likely have to replace it. If it’s not, you will probably need a battery replacement.

How often a phone’s battery should be replaced?

Typically, a cell phone’s battery needs replacement after 1 or 2 years as it starts to depreciate after 400 charging cycles which takes aforementioned time period normally.

How long it takes to fix a broken phone screen?

The average time duration to fix a broken phone screen is 20-30 minutes. We understand your time is valuable, plus Face2Face repair is more satisfactory service any repair lab could ever offer to its customers.

What should I do if my phone gets dropped in water?

First, carefully remove the battery and then try to dry the outside of the phone without pressing any button. If possible, keep your device under the fan or direct sunlight.

How RepairAdvise is a unique platform?

RepairAdvise is an only trustworthy platform that provides suitable and less costly repair solutions in Singapore. We offer up-to-date and authentic data to help you deal with your electronic devices, especially mobile phones. Our website contains latest information and new exciting trends about mobile phones. We help you learn how to keep your device smoothly and effectively functioning.

How long does it take to repair any kind of damage?

Usually, it takes minutes or maximum one or two hours to repair damages, including cracked screens, water damages, software repair, network repair, button repair, or any other technical failures.

What should I do if my phone stops working?

First, try to find out the cause of problem, either there is trouble with phone or your battery needs replacement. If the battery is charged but still phone’s not working, there might be a problem with software or network of your phone. Visit a service center for replacement or repair.