iPhone X was recently introduced by Apple and has since attracted a lot of users; this smartphone is unarguably a masterpiece. What attracted many to iPhone X the high-quality screen and the slim body design of the phone. The problem with this device, however, still remains the same.

A broken screen can occur from an accidental drop and many other damages; it is essential you handle your iPhone X with care. One of the other damages that can occur from an accidental drop is the motherboard. Users with broken screen often think it’s just a broken screen, the motherboard can sometimes be affected, but this damage can also be fixed.


iRepair is top reputed and most reviewed phone repair lab in Singapore. iRepair provides iPhone X repair, the latest mobile of iPhone series at reasonable prices. iRepair is CaseTrust accredited mobile phone repair lab in Singapore. They have big waiting area and offer free hot drinks, newspapers and magazines, you feel sitting in café working on your laptop while your phone being fixed. Yes, they do have 100 MB free wifi.


There is no need to be worried if the screen of your iPhone is damaged and you are looking for experts to fix it. Simply find your way to BreakFix outlet in Singapore where there are experts with good experience in fixing iPhone related problems.

They will replace the broken gorilla glass of your iPhone carefully, and your device is as good as new. Their repair is swift and affordable. Your device is in good hands at BreakFix, they use the best quality gorilla glass, and you get a 3months warranty on their services.


Fynd is another great repair center you can trust to fix your damaged iPhone X in Singapore. With them, iPhone X repair is simple and doesn’t take time. It might interest you to know you don’t necessarily need to visit their shop.

You can simply contact them, and they will send one of their experts to your home, office or anywhere convenient for you. Their expert will fix your phone right in your presence in the blink of an eye.

Phone Doctor

If you are living in Singapore and you have a broken screen or any damaged iPhone X you need to repair, visit Phone Doctor. At Phone doctor, they have recognized broken screen is common with many iPhone X users.

The first thing they do is to run a diagnosis to know the extent of the damage done to your phone. Once the problem is recognized, experts at Phone doctor will fix your device within the shortest time and at an affordable price.


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