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sponsorship opportunities at RepairAdvise Singapore

Dear esteemed readers and fans of our page, we are pleased to inform you that we have some sponsorship deals to offer you. Some of the sponsorship deals we offer to include;

New phone launch

Is there a new phone ready to be launched? We can provide advertising campaign for such new phone. The advertising campaign includes creating a review post for the new phone. In the review post, we’ll analyze all the specifications of the phone.

We will look into all the exciting features the phone has to offer, how to handle the device carefully to ensure efficient use. The review will provide details of everything buyers need to know about this new device.

That’s not all; we will also make an interesting animated video and blogging for the new phone to be launched. In the blog post, we will give a thorough review of the smartphone, the pros and cons, the launch date, and where to purchase the device.

The animated video we offer we give customers an idea of what the new phone looks like, such as its shape. Lovely animated video often makes a product more attractive to customers. Hence we will make sure we give the new phone the best-animated video.

A content sponsorship program for phone repair labs in Singapore

Do you have a phone repair lab in Singapore you would like to promote? You can always come to us and let’s help advertise your repair lab. Our sponsorship program for this category entails providing exciting contents about the repair lab.

In the content, we will give information on how repairs are done in such phone repair lab including how long it will take and how affordable your repair services are. The content will provide every information prospective customers need to know about the repair lab.